I occasionally work on small games. They can be found on

Visual DOS 2024

Screenshot of Visual DOS installing
In an alternate reality, DOS development continues. For it's 2024 release, it's getting LLM/AI functionality baked in, but something seems off about this new feature. Written in OpenXTalk / LiveCode, JS/CSS/HTML


Screenshot of DirectXSucks

A throwback and parody of the game installers of the DOS era. It's a puzzle game, where you need to find your computer's randomly generated hardware configuration to play a game, DirectXSucks. It features several endings depending on how long it takes to complete.

Written in C#, created for the DOS Game Jam, Spring 2021

Desktop Toys

Screenshot of Desktop Toys

A collection of "toys" you can use on your desktop. It lets you play minigames on your computer, or pretend to break it with an animated hammer, among other activities.

Created in ClickTeam. Trailer made in iMovie.